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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ost \Ost\, n. See Oast.


n. (alternative form of oast English)


OST may refer to:

Ost (surname)

Ost is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Ost (1884–1945), Belgian artist
  • Daniel Ost (born 1955), Belgian artist known for his work with plants
  • Louis Ost, American college football coach
  • Valerie Van Ost (born 1944), English actress

Usage examples of "ost".

Lord Geoffery of Helmscarp, Lord Nestor of Laverin, Lord Tavis of Brengard, and TradeGuildsmen Osten Deveral, Jerard Stonesmith, Petar Ringwright, and Igan Horstfel.

And therfore, Ost, I warne the biforn, My joly body shal a tale telle And I shal clynkyn yow so mery a belle That I shal wakyn al this companye.

M Ost sacred fire, that burnest mightilyIn liuing brests, ykindled first aboue,Emongst th'eternall spheres and lamping sky,And thence pourd into men, which men call Loue.

Msaliti had already attempted one attack on his life, that in which Jambia, the assassin, died by the osts, that same attack in which he sought to implicate you.

Missy and Osten also remained in the refreshment-room and were about to sit down, when they saw an acquaintance in the doorway, and went up to her.

Nekhludoff rose to greet Missy, Misha, and Osten, and to say a few words to them.

Der erste stand mit der Front zur Fourteenth, der zweite blickte nach Osten, und der dritte parkte zwischen der Fourteenth und der Thirteenth und hielt die Südseite der Seventh Avenue im Auge.

Er saß deshalb in einem der Wagen, und zwar in dem, der gegenüber dem Rialto-Theater auf der Fortysecond Street stand und nach Osten in Richtung Broadway blickte.

Lee manövrierte den Wagen aus der Parklücke, steuerte nach Osten und blickte nahezu unentwegt in den Rückspiegel.

But the link to the prophecy Richard had seen at the Palace of the Prophets with the reference to fuer grissa ost drauka was strongly connected to something else: the boxes of Orden.