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Õssu is a village in Ülenurme Parish, Tartu County, Estonia. It borders the city of Tartu to the east and is located by the Tartu– Viljandi road. Õssu has a population of 163 (as of 1 September 2010).


Ossu is

  • Ossu (East Timor), a village and subdistrict in East Timor.
  • Õssu, a village in Estonia.
Ossu (East Timor)

Ossu is a town in Ossu Subdistrict, Viqueque District, East Timor. Located above sea level it lies approximately in a straight line north of the district capital of Viqueque and about southeast of the capital Dili. Ossu is surrounded by several mountains: the Monte Mundo Perdido in the west, the Builo in the south, the Matebian massif in the east and the Fatu Laritame the north.

In the village there is a community health center, a helipad, a primary school, a pre-secondary school and a secondary school, the Sta. Teresina Colegio. There is the Catholic parish church of Sta. Teresinha do Menino Jesus (Teresa of the Child Jesus), which was inaugurated on 30November 2012, in the town.