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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oss \Oss\, v. i. [See Osse, n.] To prophesy; to presage. [R. & Obs.]
--R. Edgeworth.


Oss is a municipality and a city in the southern Netherlands, in the province of North Brabant.

Oss (surname)

Oss is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Oss (1818–1898), Union Army soldier
  • Daniel Oss (born 1987), Italian cyclist

Usage examples of "oss".

After the German surrender Ebby had tried to talk the OSS into transferring him to the Pacific theater but had wound up at a debriefing center the Americans had set up in a German Champagne factory outside Wiesbaden, trying to piece together the Soviet order of battle from Russian defectors.

I might as well confirm that Lieutenant Colonel Banning is now assigned to the OSS.

Below was a slightly blurry picture of a man sitting in a jeep, identified as OSS Captain John Birch, for whom, Abrams realized, the right-wing organization had been named.

Donovan recruited lawyers to start up the OSS, but the Brits used bankers to screw over people.

Joint Chiefs of Staff that the responsibility for determining whether or not the Americans in the Gobi Desert can be used to set up a weather station and get it running will be given to the OSS.

The previous October, President Truman had fired William Donovan, disbanding his brainchild, the OSS.

But after Pearl Harbor, the OSS was formed, and Auton encouraged Eliot to join.

The Colonel told me to find out who in Gl had sent Major Brownlee to OSS instead of to us, and have him shot.

He wasn't sure whether this was an emergency or not, but certainly the OSS would be interested to hear that he had not heard from anyone, most importantly from Major Brownlee, in seventy-two hours.

His OSS training had been wide-ranging and intensive but no one had ever thought it necessary that they should master the techniques of a high-wire circus acrobat.

Duffy of New York City's 13th Congressional District, suddenly remembered the fear he had experienced when he dropped behind the lines in France for the OSS in World War II.

And finally, in his view, applying your knowledge of the Pacific Ocean and of shipping generally could be put to more important use in the OSS than running what will be a commando/parachutist covert operation.

A U-shaped berm, no more than twenty feet high and perhaps a hundred feet long, had been built of sandbags on what had been the practice driving range before the OSS took over the Country Club.

Also, the report noted that American OSS agents and other interrogation groups started using the honey oil illegally themselves, and would not give it to the spies.

The guard knew Graham by sight, but the security Standing Operating Procedure dictated that no one would be passed through without proper identification, not even an Assistant Director of the OSS.