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OSR may refer to:

  • Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava's IATA code
  • Oil-Steam Ratio, the ratio of oil produced to steam injected, in the extraction of petroleum
  • Oilseed rape, (Brassica napus), also known as rapeseed
  • Old School Revival, also known as Old School Renaissance, a movement within Dungeons and Dragons and Tabletop role-playing games
  • On-Stack-Replacement, in Java HotSpot virtual machines, the conversion of a running function’s interpreter frame into a just-in-time (JIT) frame in the middle of that method
  • Ontario Southland Railway, a short line railway operating in Southern Ontario, Canada
  • Ontario Student Record
  • Open-source religion, belief systems created through open-source methodologies
  • Open Space Ratio, the ratio of unbuilt to built terrain, in urban planning
  • Operation Summer Rains, also known as the 2006 Israel–Gaza conflict
  • Operational sex ratio, ratio of reproductively available males to females
  • Operational System Review, in air traffic control
  • Optical solar reflector, a radiator material for space craft
  • Outgoing Shortwave Radiation, in atmospheric physics
  • Oversampling Ratio, in Sampling (signal processing)
  • Owasippe Scout Reservation, a Boy Scout camp in Twin Lake, Michigan
  • Texas State Highway OSR, a section of the Old San Antonio Road