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Osmo is a Finnish male given name. It appears in Kalevala, where it means "a young man". The name has been in use since the 1880s. Name day for Osmo in Finland is 11 May.

Osmo (camera)

The Osmo (;stylized as OSMO) is a camcorder manufactured by DJI, being the company's only currently. It is capable of shooting 4K UHD, and 12-16 MP within a 64 GB microSD storage maximum on a handle base.

Unlike most camcorders, it incorporates a modular design, as it attaches camera gimbals to its base, which it uses to incorporate different file formats, such as lossless compression and RAW format with the Zenmuse X5R gimbal. It even can be backwards compatible with the Inspire 1 UAV Zenmuse gimbal.