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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Orval \Or"val\, n. [F. orvale.] (Bot.) A kind of sage ( Salvia Horminum).


n. (context botany English) ''Salvia horminum'', a kind of sage.


Orval may refer to:

  • Orval, Cher, a commune of the Cher département in France
  • Orval, Manche, a commune of the Manche département, in France
  • Orval Abbey - Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval, a Trappist monastery in Belgium
    • Orval Brewery, a brewery located in the Trappist Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval
      • Orval, a beer produced by the brewery in the Trappist Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval
  • Orval H. Caldwell (February 15, 1895–February 18, 1972), Chicago-area painter and one-time president of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Orval Faubus, governor of the U.S. state of Arkansas 1955-1967
  • Orval Grove, an American baseball player

Usage examples of "orval".

It stopped at the base, not built to make the climb his own car had, and Orval got out, tall and thin, a policeman with him.

He knew Orval had them trained so well that they only barked when they were supposed to.

But he could not help worrying that they were silent now because Orval had not brought them.

Teasle would be cleaning a gun or preparing a special cartridge load, and right away Orval would step in, giving his advice, taking over, and Teasle hated it, told him to butt out, that he could do things himself, often argued with him.

If Orval had only on occasion tried to tell him what to do, he would not have minded.

Orval was the one man he needed right now, and Orval was just stubborn enough to take his dogs back home if they got into another argument.

It had been Orval who taught him how to shake hands when he was a boy.

Soon after, he had been embarrassed about leaving the house like that, and he was embarrassed now, trying to act natural and look Orval straight in the face, doing a poor job of it.

It would have been better for him to try convincing Orval without his men next to him listening.

If he did not press Orval, then he would come off less to his men, but if he pressed too much, Orval would just throw up his hands and go home.

Hell no, the last time he had really camped out was that spring when he got his draft notice and decided to enlist in the Marines, and he and Orval hiked into the hills for the first weekend it was warm enough.

Then the smell reached him, and he looked, and Orval was sitting at the end of the fire, dragging on a thin self-rolled cigarette, the smoke drifting toward Teasle in the cool early breeze.

Clutching his blanket, Teasle shifted close to Orval and lit a cigarette off the glow of a stick from the fire.

He had been right when he told Orval this would be like old times, although he had not believed it then, needing Orval to come along and disliking himself for using that kind of emotional argument on the man.

Still he could not bring himself to put blame on her just so Orval might not think poorly of him.