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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ort \Ort\ ([^o]rt), n.; pl. Orts ([^o]rts). [Akin to LG. ort, ortels, remnants of food, refuse, OFries. ort, OD. oorete, ooraete; prob. from the same prefix as in E. ordeal + a word akin to eat.] A morsel left at a meal; a fragment; refuse; -- commonly used in the plural.

Let him have time a beggar's orts to crave.


n. (plural of ort English)

Usage examples of "orts".

The insides of a thousand orts around Reynii radiated with the same psynergistic presence.

Assia broke off as a crowd of simplefaced orts hardened out of the darkness.

The onslaught of orts staggered and broke up beneath the lash of poison-darts the raels flailed beneath them.

A brute cry whined through the fury of the sky-echoes, and their distance from the orts widened.

The orts were very close, a gigantic heaving of rabid cries and spasming jaws.

The roaring energy blew orts into a scattering of sparking bones and whipping entrails.

Nobu sat facing into the wave of orts, timelessly smiling, free of the world and of himself.

Alone at the heart, he watched the orts scattering, even the largest ones backlashing from the sudden and intense glorylight that blazed through him.

Scorpion bursts of white fire whipped the orts that were trying to outflank him.

The blast-pit where Nobu had held off the orts jangled with the lunatic colors of prisming superlight.

Before long, the plant would be full of orts and donkeys, not to mention sheep drowning themselves in the filtration vats.

Shall he be gleaning the few bits and orts Of life that are to save him.

They are a cultural stew of the orts and leavings of the European feast.

You know that I have been out of the information business for several years, but I have orts and bits left from the old days, and I shall help you if I can.