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a. (context now Scotland English) superfluous; especially (of people), idle, unemployed, disreputable. (from 16th c.)

Usage examples of "orra".

Jil Orra understood that Cardassia had enemies and enemies deserved what they got.

And because of Jil Orra, I shall always remember that any race, no matter how monolithic, is made up of individuals who must ultimately think for themselves.

But I cannot but hear orra bits of news from the next parish, and the speak in the countryside is that you have uncovered the nakedness of Woodilee and preach siccan sermons that the een of the folk turn inward in their heads.

PP-ICARD was correct--Madred had never shielded Jil Orra from the horrors of his job.

Jil Orra stepped back, and Madred found himself on his knees in front of PP-ICARD.

He grabbed the chain of one shrieker, Orra, a plump scullery slave, and yanked her toward him.

Suddenly Orra began running up the slope, absurd with pounding girth and desperation.

And there was the bag of siller sure aneugh, and mony orra things besides, that had been missing for mony a day.

Quand le pourceau demy homme on verra: Bruit chant, bataille au ciel batre apperceu, Et bestes brutes à parler lon orra.