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ORMO , or the Volunteer Reserve Militia, was a paramilitary organization and voluntary support brigade of MO communist police force ( Milicja Obywatelska). ORMO was founded in the People's Republic of Poland soon after the Soviet takeover in 1946, and disbanded in 1989 by the Sejm (after the Collapse of the communist bloc).

In its heyday, ORMO had approximately 400,000–450,000 people in its reserves (at one time numbered as many as 600,000 civilian volunteers), recruited mostly from among the members of the communist Polish United Workers' Party (PZPR), peasants, convicted criminals, and also a large share of members of United People's Party (ZSL), Democratic Party (SD) and other non-party opportunists looking for extra income from the state, and ready for street action. ORMO was often involved in staging and performing criminal acts, unlawful arrests and street beatings of peaceful protesters (including women and journalists), such as during the public demonstrations organized by Solidarność (Solidarity trade union) aimed at putting an end to the Soviet-imposed totalitarianism in Poland.