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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Orle \Orle\, n. [F. orle an orle, a fillet, fr. LL. orla border, dim. of L. ora border, margin.]

  1. (Her.) A bearing, in the form of a fillet, round the shield, within, but at some distance from, the border.

  2. (Her.) The wreath, or chaplet, surmounting or encircling the helmet of a knight and bearing the crest.

    In orle, round the escutcheon, leaving the middle of the field vacant, or occupied by something else; -- said of bearings arranged on the shield in the form of an orle.


n. 1 (context heraldiccharge English) A bordure that runs around the outline of a shield without touching the edge. 2 (context heraldry English) The wreath, or chaplet, surmounting or encircling the helmet of a knight and bearing the crest.


Orlé (variants: Orlle; Cimalavilla) is one of ten parishes (administrative divisions) in Caso, a municipality within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.

Situated at above sea level, the parroquia is in size, with a population of 145 ( INE 2006). The postal code is 33990.

Orle (heraldry)

In heraldry, an orle is a subordinary consisting of a narrow band occupying the inward half of where a bordure would be, following the exact outline of the shield but within it, showing the field between the outer edge of the orle and the edge of the shield.

An orle can sometimes be confused with an inescutcheon or escutcheon voided (a smaller shield with a shield-shaped hole), or with a patch of the field left over between a bordure and an inescutcheon.

Orles may varied by any of the lines of variation.

Discrete charges arranged in the position of an orle are described as in orle or as "an orle of".

within Bordure demo.svg|Gules, an inescutcheon argent within a bordure argent smal getande binnenzoom.jpg|An orle indented on its inner edge de Stael.svg|Argent, eight torteaux ( roundels gules) in orle; alternatively an orle of eight torteaux College, Oxford.svg|The arms of Dervorguilla of Galloway and her husband John de Balliol; the latter's orle is dimidiated

Usage examples of "orle".

Or, when they tired of that, and of grazing with their soft muzzles to the floor, the stallions would set upon their fillies, rolling them in delight among the tall white orling flowers.