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An Orkoiyot is the supreme chief of the Nandi people of Kenya. As the Nandi have a dual administrative system, the Orkoiyot is the chief spiritual leader and also has the authority to make decisions regarding security, involving the waging of war. Orkoiyot does not manage the affairs of everyday life, which are handled by the Kiruogik, who are the representatives of the people. The office of Orkoiyot is hereditary, and members are drawn from a warrior class believed to be of Maasai origin.

The Orkoiyot or Orkoik (in plural) were only drawn from the Talai clan. Talai clan are believed to be used by God (Asis) to deliver message to the people. Koitalel arap Samoei himself was a Talai. Talai is one of the clans of the Nandi whose totem is represented by the Lion Ng'etundo. Talai clan are still the present Orkoik of the entire Kalenjin Community. They work hand in hand with other clans like Kipsamaek of Kipsigis sub tribe and Kobil clans whose roles are to curse enemies who invade the community.