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organized religions

n. (organized religion English)

Usage examples of "organized religions".

Or cults could break off from large organized religions to form fanatical enclaves of their own.

Since the days of Socrates the organized religions have found that to be the ultimate truth.

All organized religions face a common problem, a tender spot through which we may enter and shift them to our designs: How do they distinguish hubris from revelation?

He detested organized religions on the grounds that revelation could not be received secondhand.

Retracing the steps of her spiritual journey, she approached them one by one with her modest proposal: that she show them the ropes of fund-raising, the benefits of obtaining tax-exempt status as registered, organized religions, and the basics of bookkeeping to safeguard their continued economic health.

Mainstream scientists usually declare them to be without credibility, and many organized religions declare them to be bad, or even evil.