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abbr. organization


ORG or org may refer to:

Usage examples of "org".

He placed the lie he wanted Org to find on the outside of the door to his part of the brain and waited for the creature to pick it up.

Joe and his group, Zeb felt Org had done something to one of them which let him know what they were doing.

Every time the wolf came near Org, Zeb felt fear and hatred emanating from its mind.

He double-checked to be sure the part of his mind free of Org was sealed.

The scene wavered and Org sat at the head of a table with a group of men around him.

Zeb saw the flow of thoughts between Org and the man as he answered questions.

He tried to put out a thought and see what Org was seeing, but was met with a kaleidoscope of bizarre thoughts.

He would wait until Org went back to sleep, then probe his mind to find out what had disturbed him.

As the dune buggy lurched forward, Org gave a yelp, his eyes as wide as saucers.

Sniffing around the house, Org communicated that Joe had five humans with him.

The force Org detected did bother him, much more than he wanted known.

Zeb tried to probe his mind, but Org had pulled back behind a solid shield.

Unless Org caught on to what he was doing, they would be behind Joe all the way.

Aided by the part of Org in his brain, he felt the sweep of the probe as it passed.

He saw Org throwing up mind blocks, which were torn down as soon as he erected them.