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Orfeas , named after the mythical musician Orpheus, is a former municipality in the Evros regional unit, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Soufli, of which it is a municipal unit. Its land area is 643.266 km² (248.366 sq mi) and its 2001 census population 6,146 inhabitants. It is located in the north-central part of Evros, and borders both southeastern Bulgaria and northwestern Turkey. The seat of the municipality was in Lavara (pop. 1,580 in 2001). Much of the land is mountainous and forested to the west, extending up to the Rhodope regional unit. It is linked with GR-51 (Alexandroupoli – Orestiada – Edirne in Turkey and Svilengrad in Bulgaria). The town of Lávara sits on a plain. It is located SE of Svilengrad, S of Edirne, Turkey and Orestiada, and 13 km N of Soufli and 78 km N of Alexandroupoli. The municipality's next largest towns are Protokklísi (pop. 669), Amório (552), Méga Déreio (545), and Agriáni (451).

Orfeas (Judge Smith album)

Orfeas is the eighth solo-album by Judge Smith, and his third "songstory" after Curly's Airships (2000) and The Climber (2010). Orfeas is notable because of the use of speech music, where a musical instrument plays along with spoken words at the same pitch of each syllable. The album is also notable because of the variety of musical styles it incorporates, ranging from a string sextet, trance music, acoustic guitar music, and death metal. Finally, the music by the George Orfeas Band is notable because the electric guitar (by John Ellis who plays George Orfeas) and the saxophones (by David Jackson who plays Maxwell Blow) play identical melodic lines simultaneously.

Orfeas (disambiguation)

Orfeas, Ορφέας, is the Greek for Orpheus, a legendary figure in Greek mythology, chief among poets and musicians.

Orfeas may refer to: