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Orel or Oryol (meaning eagle in some Slavic languages) may refer to:

Orel (Chrudim District)

Orel is a village in the Pardubice Region of the Czech Republic. In 2013 it had 770 inhabitants.

Village Tři Bubny is the administrative part of Orel.

Orel (movement)

The Orel (" eagle" in Czech) is a Moravia-based Czech youth movement and gymnastics organization which emerged between 1896–1909 as Catholic Church-supported competitor of another Czech sport movement Sokol (founded 1862), oriented more nationalistic and rather anti-Catholic. Orel movement, defining itself as "Christian sport organization", still exists and currently has about 19,000 members. Since 1921 is member of international sport association FICEP.

A similar organization with the same name was organized also in the Slovene Lands and in Croatia, where it successfully competed with the local Sokol movement. It was dissolved in the early 1930s by the dictatorial regime of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia.

Usage examples of "orel".

Guderian tells of meeting an old retired Czarist general at Orel on the road to Moscow.

The entire British Empire sends him our salutes in this brilliant summer campaign, and on the victories of Orel, Kharkov, and Taganrog, by which so much Russian soil has been redeemed and so many hundreds of thousands of its invaders wiped out.

Odessa was thus reduced to the trade of the region to the west of the last-named river, having lost that of the provinces of Poltava, Kharkof, Kursk, Orel, Ekaterinoslaf, etc.

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Expecting the same start of terror manifested by Forrest and Orel, which he at last understood, Foyle shot out a hand and grabbed Y'ang-Yeovil's elbow.

Orel poulticed, cupped, balsamed, and electrolyzed the brain into double its capacity or double your money back.

He arose without haste, stepped to the slow-motion figure “Bloo-hwoo-fwaa-mawwing” behind the desk, took out a heavy sap, and scientifically smote Orel across the brow, concussing the frontal lobes and stunning the jaunte center.

Orel asked as he took the cash box out of a locked drawer and opened it to pay her.

The old Grayhand, Jarl Orel, hadn't always kept his mighty people deep within the mountains over the decades, though thankfully, the frost giant forays hadn't been numerous.