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n. (obsolete form of order English) vb. (obsolete form of order English)

Usage examples of "ordre".

En tout cas vous ne devez pas manquer de donner ordre pour ruiner les forts et tous les edifices qui pourront y avoir este faits.

But first, I yow biseeke in this mateere, Though I by ordre telle nat this thynges, Be it of popes, emperours, or kynges, After hir ages, as men writen fynde, But tellen hem, som bifore and som bihynde, As it now comth unto my remembraunce.

Festes, instrumentz, caroles, daunces, Lust and array, and alle the circumstaunces Of love, whiche that I rekned, and rekne shal, By ordre weren peynted on the wal, And mo than I kan make of mencioun.

Of which, if I shal tellen al tharray, Thanne wolde it occupie a someres day, And eek it nedeth nat for to devyse, At every cours, the ordre of hire servyse.

Le Comte makes the number of cities more considerable than Du Halde: "On les divise ordinairement," he observes, "en trois ordres.