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a. 1 Somewhat orange in colour. 2 Resembling, or flavoured with, oranges (the fruit).


Orangey, a male marmalade tabby cat, was an animal actor owned and trained by the cinematic animal handler Frank Inn.

Orangey (credited under various names) had a prolific career in film and television in the 1950s and early 1960s and was the only cat to win two Patsy Awards (Picture Animal Top Star of the Year, an animal actor's version of an Oscar), the first for the title role in Rhubarb (1951), a story about a cat who inherits a fortune, and the second for his portrayal of "Cat" in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961). He has also been credited as the cat in the 1959 film adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank. The cat was credited as being the family pet in the 1957 film The Incredible Shrinking Man, in which he is falsely assumed to have eaten the title character.

Orangey was called "the world's meanest cat" by one studio executive. He often scratched and bit actors. But he was prized for his ability to stay for several hours. Sometimes, however, he would flee after filming some scenes and production would be shut down until he could be found. Inn would sometimes have to post guard dogs at the studio entrance to keep him from running away.

Other appearances included a regular role as "Minerva" on the television series Our Miss Brooks (1952–1958).

The cat was also credited as "Jimmy" and "Rhubarb".

Usage examples of "orangey".

Looking up, she noticed leafless trees surrounding their exit portal, producing dark, scary silhouettes pitted against an orangey, reddish-tinged night sky.

Mars that had sun light was this orangey, reddish brown globe, with some areas of dark land, mostly near the south and north poles, and even some white clouds or land areas here and there.

He was wearing orangey panstick make-up to make himself look healthier on color TV, and his white hair was combed into a flowing mane.

The other ones Orangey Harding, and the main asshole, the one with the thorns, is Gandolph Scott.

Seen one pick up Orangey Harding with his nose, lift him up an toss him flat.

Hadassah placing her Bible on the table, carefully avoiding an unidentifiable orangey remnant of food about an arms length away from her tray.

Eyes accustomed to orangey dark, to smoke and haze and shadow, cannot stare into such glory without drastic effect.

The flame flared orangey red, as he cupped his hands around it automatically, even though there was no wind.

He was wearing a black three-piece suit, and I knew right away that he was not a human being, because his eyes were the orangey red of flames in a woodstove.

He had a shock of white curly hair and one of those orangey tans, as if he had spent a long time in the sun, or under an ultraviolet lamp.