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a. (context anatomy English) Located towards the oral opening (the mouth). adv. (context anatomy English) Towards the oral opening (the mouth).


adv. toward the mouth or oral region [ant: aborad]

Usage examples of "orad".

Kamchan, however, advanced his Scout, Orad, so that he faced little Taran.

But here, of course, Koja would not care to risk the life of his young friend, for Orad was bigger and more powerful than the young boy, and in any struggle-even with bare hands-he could doubtless kill the youth.

As Valkar entered the square, Orad threw himself upon him, obviously determined to defend himself as best he could.

Landing lightly beyond him, Orad whirled and seized his sword-arm, and strove to wrest the weapon from him.

But Valkar struck out with the edge of his shield, catching Orad in the midsection, where the abdomen joined the thorax-a numbing blow.

Valkar stood, shaking his head to clear it and catching his breath, while slaves dragged the corpse of Orad from the field.