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vb. (en-past of: opt)

Usage examples of "opted".

Those costs seemed so high that they concluded that there had to be another way and so opted for appeasement.

Instead, the administration opted to mount a sizable air campaign against a range of targets, mostly in southern Iraq--where they were within reach of U.

At different points during the war when Iraq became especially concerned about Iranian battlefield advances, Saddam opted to launch air and missile strikes against Iranian cities--this despite the fact that the Iranians had a great advantage in that their most important cities--Tehran, Qom, Esfahan, Shiraz, Mashad--are much farther from the border than are the largest Iraqi cities, Baghdad and al-Basrah.

There were more than fifty keys on the ring, but I opted for a noticeably worn one and slid it into the lock.

This time I opted for speed rather than cautiona mistake, because as we neared the top, a cracking noise came from high above.

He opted for the private drive and wound on around toward the residence compound.

He opted to stay down, but a hammy hand grabbed his mended doublet and yanked him up.

Bronessans, too, though some opted to decorate the floor with their bodies.

Why do you think Charles and Maggie opted for a quiet, private wedding ceremony?