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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Magna Mater \Magna Mater\ prop. n. A great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor; the counterpart of the Greek Rhea and the Roman Ops.

Syn: Cybele, Dindymene, Great Mother, Mater Turrita.


n. 1 (plural of op English) 2 (context informal English) operations 3 (context internet IRC English) operator status


OPS may refer to:

Ops (Greek mythology)

In Greek mythology, the name Ops may refer to:

  • Ops (male), son of Peisenor and father of Eurycleia. He may or may not be the same as Ops, father of Melas.
  • Ops (female), mother of Eurypylus by Euaemon.
Ops (B)

Ops (B) was an Allied military deception planning department, based in the United Kingdom, during the Second World War. It was set up under Colonel Jervis-Read in April 1943 as a department of Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (COSSAC), an operational planning department with a focus on western Europe. That year, Allied high command had decided that the main Allied thrust would be in southern Europe, and Ops (B) was tasked with tying down German forces on the west coast in general, and drawing out the Luftwaffe in particular.

The department's first operation was a three-pronged plan called Operation Cockade, an elaborate ploy to threaten invasions in France and Norway. Cockade was not much of a success. The main portion of the operation, a deceptive thrust against the Boulogne region named Operation Starkey, intended to draw out the German air arm, failed to elicit a response. The plan was undermined by the fact that any Allied push towards France that year was obviously unlikely.

In January 1944, COSSAC was absorbed into SHAEF and Ops (B) survived the transition, expanding in the process. Colonel Wild took over from Jervis-Read (who became his deputy) and reorganised the department into two sections: Operations and Intelligence. The refreshed department was given control over double agents and other avenues of disinformation. Ops (B) was tasked with operational planning for the main portion of Operation Bodyguard, a deception plan to cover the 1944 Normandy landings, named Operation Fortitude. In early 1944 David Strangeways joined the 21st Army (the invasion force); Strangeways clashed with Wild, and ended up rewriting major portions of Fortitude. Ops (B) was eventually relegated to the role of managing the information flowing out through disinformation channels.

Usage examples of "ops".

Thomasina Penn, went back to the plot table to continue work on their route, but it was perfunctory as they were running box ops, hiding from a hurricane-force low in the lee of St.

Running box ops meant steering a course confined within a box drawn on the radar screen that out of sheer boredom on occasion resembled the initials of the officer on watch.

Sara said, and Ops went to the nav station to coax the sat phone into operation, which he alone on board seemed to be able to do.

She returned it to Ops and took an unobtrusive step back, she hoped far enough out of range.

Sara, Ops, and the Engineer Officer, a tall, pencil-thin young man who could barely find his way to the bridge but who could disassemble a Caterpillar generator and put it back together again blindfolded.

So could Ops, who was regarding the table with a rapt look, as if by not making eye contact the captain might forget that he was present.

Sara and Ops and Tommy and the chief were hunched over the chart table, staring at the Transas screen as Sara right-clicked and dragged and dropped them all the way up the Aleutian Chain and back down again.

No one has called you anything but Ops in my hearing since I came on board.

She looked up to see Ops standing in front of her with a concerned look on his face.

Dain about it, but his old team leader was pretty much persona non grata in Ops these days and frequenting the same downtown corner market was as close as JB dared get.

Being caught using Ops info to get reward money from freelance justice was grounds for dismissal, if not worse.

Trask passing his Ops training to you, but did you ever think about trying to get into the Academy for one of the Ops teams?

We mechs are supposed to be nothing more than cyborgs that the humans in Ops control.

And he was back on the Grid with who-even-knew-how-long before Ops realized the connection was there for the taking.

Not only are you back on the Grid where Ops can find you if they know where to look, but you killed the guy who put you there.