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OPR may refer to:

  • Office of Population Research, the oldest population research center in the United States
  • Office of Professional Responsibility, part of the United States Department of Justice responsible for investigating attorneys employed therein who have been accused of misconduct or crimes in their professional functions
  • Office of Public Roads, a predecessor of the United States Federal Highway Administration
  • Official Pattern Release, used by Trend Micro to refer to the definitions for their antivirus products
  • Oregon Pacific Railroad (1880–94), in Oregon, United States
  • Oregon Pacific Railroad (1997), in Oregon, United States
  • Old Parochial Registers of the Church of Scotland
  • Operator (disambiguation)
  • Output Recordings, a British independent record label run by Trevor Jackson, between 1996–2006
  • Outward Processing Relief, an EU custom duty regulation that provides duty relief on imports of goods from third countries which have been produced from previously exported EU goods.
  • Overall pressure ratio, the ratio of the stagnation pressure as measured at the front and rear of the compressor of a gas turbine engine
  • Overnight Policy Rate, an overnight interest rate set by Bank Negara Malaysia used for monetary policy direction
  • Rodrigues People's Organisation (Organisation du Peuple Rodriguais), a Mauritian political party