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Oporto (restaurant)

Oporto is an Australian fast food restaurant franchise with a Portuguese-theme. Oporto specialises in Portuguese style chicken.

Oporto (Madrid Metro)

Oporto is a station on Line 5 and Line 6 of the Madrid Metro. It is located in Zone A.

Usage examples of "oporto".

On the departure of Soult for Oporto the Spaniards again rose in arms, and several places in the Asturias and in the Biscayan provinces had been recaptured.

Hori Hura has rum, Maple and Syrup has Cape brandy, Captain de Silva drinks oporto wine and Mrs Barrett has Bombay gin.

Petersburg, Berlin, Constantinople,I am of Adelaide, Sidney, Melbourne,I am of London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Limerick,I am of Madrid, Cadis, Barcelona, Oporto, Lyons, Brussels, Berne, Frankfort, Stuttgart, Turin, Florence,I belong in Moscow, Cracow, Warsaw, or northward in Christiania or Stockholm, or in Siberian Irkutsk, or in some street in Iceland,I descend upon all those cities, and rise from them again.

It seemed an odd name for a building high on the steep hillside where the city of Oporto overlooked the River Douro in northern Portugal, especially as the big square house was not beautiful at all, but quite stark and ugly and angular, even if its harsh lines were softened by dark cedars which would offer welcome shade in summer.

He tossed away the flowers and Sharpe had a sudden memory of that day in Oporto, the day the refugees drowned when the French had taken the city, and he remembered how Christopher had been about to write him the order to go back across the Douro and the cannonball had struck the tree to shower pinkish-red petals which the Colonel had thought were cherry blossoms.

The high point of the French invasion of Portugal had been a bridge at Oporto where hundreds of folk had drowned in panic, and now the French were on another broken bridge and the dead of the Douro were being avenged.

The Portuguese contingent was small—less than five thousand, all told—and were under the banner of Duque Henrique de Oporto.

The Portuguese contingent was smallless than five thousand, all toldand were under the banner of Duque Henrique de Oporto.

They were back in Oporto where Colonel Christopher had opened the neglected cellars of the House Beautiful to discover dusty bottles of aging port and more of vinho verde, a white wine that was almost golden in color.