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a. (alternative form of open-mouthed English)


adj. with eyes or mouth open in surprise [syn: goggle-eyed, popeyed]

Usage examples of "openmouthed".

Her fingers dug deep in the muscle of his breast, and then they were glued together, openmouthed and gasping, front teeth scraping painfully in the flurry of their wanting.

Roger was staring at her, openmouthed, pressing the cloth of his shirt against the bloody scratches on his neck.

She turned Jemmy, who stared openmouthed at the vision of male glory before him and blossomed into a wide, slow smile, a trickle of drool hanging from the pouting curve of his lip.

Their servants, all looking considerably the worse for wear, sat openmouthed and red-eyed on bundles of luggage.

His breathing was hot and heavy against her face as he ran his lips over her with delicious, openmouthed kisses.

Twice Inderos had risked his own hide on forays into Brostos to watch keep after village after town fall almost without a sword being drawn, as folk too wealthy and busy becoming wealthier to defend themselves stared openmouthed at hard-riding lancers and hard-faced mages, leading a sea of bright-helmed warriors.

The two SEALs on the ice had gaped openmouthed for a second or two as the huge black apparition had first appeared.

He stared openmouthed at the company as it rode past, before turning and running back to his small house, screaming to his mother that the castle was under attack.

Gavril stared openmouthed at his former tutor, Dain stepped close to Sulein and glared at him.

As Evelyn watched in openmouthed amazement, children poured into the ballroom.

Kirk stared openmouthed at the nightmare scene being played out before them.

Totally awed, they all gazed openmouthed as the lip lag mountain moved toward the barrier.

Wolves watched openmouthed as Angruin Stormcloak rose stiffly from atop the crumpled body of the guard.

Sharantyr stared at him for a moment, openmouthed, then whirled about and raced away across the forecourt.

The limbs of the thrashing man abruptly froze, and he stared at the wizard in wide-eyed, openmouthed, silent horror as he sank slowly into the thick brown ooze.