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open the face

vb. (context intransitive cricket English) To turn the face of the bat outwards in order to hit the ball on the off side.

Usage examples of "open the face".

Gerin laid open the face of one of the imperial troopers on his left, a cut that took the enemy doubly by surprise because he delivered it with his left hand.

I got my sword out in time to lean over and slash open the face of a man who was climbing up the side of the boat.

Many were too far gone to care, but one wild creature challenged him, with a blaster, unsteadily leveled, as he tugged to open the face plate of his helmet.

Beneath him, his horse struck out with steel-edged hoofs, giving Rael time to yank free his blade, turn, and open the face of the man who threatened on his right.

He slashed open the face of an enraged woman and trampled her small child underhoof.