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open and shut

a. (alternative form of open-and-shut English)

Open and Shut (House)

"Open and Shut" is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season of the American medical drama House and it is the 129th episode overall. It is directed by Greg Yaitanes and written by Liz Friedman and Sara Hess. It originally aired on April 26, 2010.

House and the team treat a woman ( Sarah Wayne Callies) in an open marriage.

Usage examples of "open and shut".

Either the portal was counterbalanced or else the woman had a Bhor or a heavy-worlder on standby just to open and shut the clotting thing, Cind thought.

Never did he knock together flimsier and ungainlier caskets, or disregard mote flagrantly the needs of the rusty lock on the tomb door which he slammed open and shut with such nonchalant abandon.

As Tom watched in agonized suspense, he saw the shark's jaws open and shut in a lightning snap at Mel's outstretched arm.

It was pulsing open and shut, open and shut, and with each pulse, the opening grew smaller and tighter, constricting like the pupil of an eye.

She snagged her lip again when she heard the door swing open and shut behind her mother.

She could manually open and shut each one, but she knew that would take too long.

They came nearer and nearer--now a door was heard to open and shut again, and it was as though some one were creeping softly along on his toes in the hall.

Nicholls asks my mom if we would be willing to take care of Joey and Nate for awhile when, once again, I heard the door open and shut downstairs.