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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ope \Ope\, a. Open. [Poetic]

On Sunday heaven's gate stands ope.


Ope \Ope\, v. t. & i. To open. [Poetic]

Wilt thou not ope thy heart to know What rainbows teach and sunsets show?

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

short for open (adj.), early 13c. "not closed; not hidden;" originally as awake is from awaken, etc. As a verb from mid-15c. Middle English had ope-head "bare-headed" (c.1300).

  1. (context now dialectal or poetic English) open. (from 13th c.) v

  2. (context archaic English) To open.


Ope is a locality situated in Östersund Municipality, Jämtland County, Sweden with 453 inhabitants in 2010.

Usage examples of "ope".

A--a--a it stroiks me that that you manetion his the hode about hangger and ope and orror and revenge you know.

Linda, I just ope Jesus looks after yerr, Sergeant Joe, it ud be orrible for you to be kept by Misses Scott.

Noctes atque dies niti praestante labore Ad summas emergere opes, rerumque potiri.

Into the same he creepes, and thenceforth thereResolu'd to build his balefull mansion,In drery darkenesse, and continuall feareOf that rockes fall, which euer and anonThreates with huge ruine him to fall vpon,That he dare neuer sleepe, but that one eyeStill ope he keepes for that occasion.

This power then opes the prison door awhile, And sends the spirit chainless o'er the earth.

Arriuing there, as did by chaunce befall,He found the gate wyde ope, and in he rode,Ne stayd, till that he came into the hall:Where soft dismounting like a weary lode,Vpon the ground with feeble feete he trode,As he vnable were for very needeTo moue one foote, but there must make abode.

Thascius Caecilius Cyprianus, Carthaginensis, artis oratoriae professione clarus, magnam sibi gloriam, opes, honores acquisivit, epularibus caenis et largis dapibus assuetus, pretiosa veste conspicuus, auro atque purpura fulgens, fascibus oblectatus et honoribus, stipatus clientium cuneis, frequentiore comitatu officii agminis honestatus, ut ipse de se loquitur in Epistola ad Donatum.

People new to this country sometimes get the heebie jeebies cause of all the ope space, the wilderness.

Nec pudor aut pietas continuit quominus impii spoliata Dei templa, occupatas arces, opes publicas, regiones urbis, atque honores magistratuum inter se divisos.