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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

assimilated form of ob- before -p-.

Usage examples of "op-".

At Op- Center, flights like these were called "shorts"--- not because that was where they hurt, though they did, and not because the flights were short.

There was a widow and her son to think about, plus the sad task of finding a new commander for Striker, and he had to run Op- Center for the rest of the week that Paul Hood would be in Europe.

He didn't know for sure, but he suspected that the nickname had been coined by Op- Center's Press Officer, Ann Farris.

When it came time to price the construction of the new brainchild of Mike Rodgers and Matt Stoll, the Regional Op- Center or ROC, Lang was the first person who came to mind for the computers they'd need.

After we've spent tens of millions of dollars making the Russian Op- Center as sophisticated as our own.

This information from agents in the field was contained in what Herbert referred to as Op- Center's "pelt," the FUR file--- Foreign Undercover Resources.

Marsha Levy and Jim Warren were Op- Center's photo reconnaissance analysts.

Hood, Stoll, and Herbert were welcomed back to Op- Center with a small party in the Tank, the high-security conference room.

I was being snippy when I arrived, but Op- Center has proven its worth.

When Hood first came to Op-Center, he studied the pair of 1997 reports that had effectively authorized the creation of Op- Center.

Hate Wasn't The Reason He'd Resigned As The First Director Of Op- Center, The U.

His think tank members did the Sunday morning talk show circuit, wrote op-ed pieces, published books, and gave speeches.

Besides, he’d get to do the odd consulting job, and do op-ed pieces for the newspapers, where he would assume the role of elder-statesman sage.

New York University professor Todd Gitlin wrote on the op-ed page that if a Gore cousin had been employed at one of the networks, “Can anyone reasonably doubt that the pundits would be working themselves into a nonstop lather charging ‘the liberal media’ as accessories to grand larceny?

Criticism of Anita Hill would never see the light of day on the nation’s op-ed pages or network news: Who was buying all these books?