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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ooze \Ooze\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Oozed; p. pr. & vb. n. Oozing.] [Prov. Eng. weeze, wooz. See Ooze, n.]

  1. To flow gently; to percolate, as a liquid through the pores of a substance or through small openings.

    The latent rill, scare oozing through the grass.

  2. Fig.: To leak (out) or escape slowly; as, the secret oozed out; his courage oozed out.


vb. (en-past of: ooze)

Usage examples of "oozed".

You wouldn't know how many times that one's oozed through the deckplates.

He was hardly back in his bed, thinking hard, when Madame Flaubert oozed in, her lapdog panting behind her.

Dark bruises flowered in purple and blue and green on his ribs and stomach, and his back was crisscrossed with swollen weals that oozed red as the other two softpersons moved him.

The canvases she used were very thin, porous blocks of cells that she could flood individually with paint, like pixels on a computer screen, until it oozed together.

He drank what appeared in the hatch and shuddered as it oozed down to his stomach.

Then she wiped the beads of perspiration that the relative cool of very early morning oozed out of her pores.

Suddenly, he oozed up and over a ridge, down into a deeper, shadowed valley.

Sensation palpably oozed off the cut black, but this time she knew crystal tricks and quickly buried it beside its mate in the carton.

The tiny cuts inflicted by the scalpel-sharp crystal briefly oozed droplets of blood then closed over while Thyrol watched in fascinated horror.

One or another kept glancing at her as if she had grown tentacles or oozed slime or perhaps turned into a new sort of humanoid specimen they could dissect for the good of Mankind.

Blood oozed from the raw handful as he knelt by the eggs, his body bowed tautly in his effort to effect an Impression.

He let himself down heavily on one knee and began to tug at T'ron's belt, ignoring the blood that oozed out around the knife.

An ugly fish, with sharp spines all over, it oozed an oily slime that ate into the flesh of your hands and made the skin peel off.

He made sure that Delky had enough fodder and fresh water in her clay pot (though he hadn't been able to make it completely watertight and moisture oozed out slowly), before he donned the vest again.

Dung and dust stained the mafadet’s pelt, along with blood that oozed thickly from numerous sores and nicks.