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n. (plural of oo English)


OOS may refer to:

  • Object-oriented scanning, a measurement method
  • Stockout, also called Out of Stock, a term used for exhausted inventory
  • Occupational overuse syndrome, a human disorder
  • Out Of Sample, testing performed to validate results in an experiment
  • Oos River, running through Baden-Baden, Germany
  • Out of specification
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, a video game
  • Out of Sync, a 2007 autobiography of Lance Bass
  • Origin of Symmetry, a 2001 album by Muse
  • Out of Sync
  • Out of Sight, a 1998 movie with Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney
  • Out Of State (Student)
  • Out Of Stock (Retail)
Oos (river)

Oos, also called Oosbach, is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It starts in the Northern Black Forest, flows through Baden-Baden, and ends in the Murg.

Usage examples of "oos".

But we’ll for sure be calling at Oos, Xemon-scap, Polab, Sambley, and Calenx.

This time of year, traveling weather’s best between Oos and Nine Harbors.