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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Oort (disambiguation)

Oort can refer to:


  • Abraham H. Oort, American climatologist
  • Adam van Oort (1561/62–1641), Flemish painter
  • Bart van Oort (b. 1959), Dutch classical pianist
  • Eduard Daniel van Oort (1876–1933), Dutch ornithologist
  • Jan Oort (1900–1992), Dutch astronomer
  • Jan van Oort (1921–2006), Dutch writer, working under the pseudonym of Jean Dulieu
  • Hendrik van Oort (1775–1847), Dutch painter

Things named after Dutch astronomer Jan Oort:

  • Oort cloud
    • Oort limit
  • Oort constants
  • 1691 Oort (1956 RB), a main-belt asteroid

Usage examples of "oort".

Oort cloud with a gravitational footprint of less than a kilogramme more or less indefinitely.

Nemesis theorythat the death of the dinosaurs and the other periodic mass extinctions of the distant past were caused by a remote companion star to the Sun that regularly pelted the Earth with comets torn from the Oort Cloud.

There were still plenty of stray comets at that distance, on the thin margins of the Oort Cloud.

There would be comets, toothousands of them swept out of the Oort Clouds of two systems as the black hole ploughed its way through to freedom.

Pluto, were reduced to the size of a human fingertip, the bulk of the Oort cloud of iceballs would lie ten yards away from that finger.

In the meantime there were plenty of jobs for them in the Oort Cloud, boosting cometary ice toward the inner system or harvesting cometary cedar.

He had been everywhere, from the turbulent fringes of the solar corona to the cometary Oort Cloud at the edge of circumsolar space.

No way a beast as big as an Oort Clouder had to be could react that fast.

To have detected the flotilla's emergence wave, the patrol ship had almost surely been on the near side of the system and outside the Oort Belt, which might have been coincidence, or .

Thirty thousand asteroid-sized invaders on the move from the Asteroid Belt and the Oort Cloud.

No habs and no traces of megastructures were shown, and only the vaguest indications of Oort and Kuiper bodies and asteroid belts were given.

We were heading for the region of lowest matter density known, out beyond the limits of the Oort cloud where we would find less than one atom per hundred cubic meters.

The E-5 Discon fleet had slowed right down, shut its drives off almost as one while still a few days out, well within the system's Oort shell, then slowed further as its lead ships crossed the boundary into the planetary system.

For example, our Oort Cloud seems to have been populated by gravitational ejections of icy worldlets from the vicinity of Uranus and Neptune.

Bey knew that the harvesters prowled the Oort Cloud, seeking bodies high in volatiles and complex organic materials.