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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Oops. I hit the wrong button.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a natural exclamation" [OED] of surprise at doing something awkward, but attested only from 1933 (compare whoops).


interj. 1 Acknowledging a minor mistake. 2 Used sarcastically to acknowledge a major mistake.


Oops or OOPS may refer to:

Oops (Oh My)

"Oops (Oh My)" is a song by American R&B- soul singer–songwriter Tweet, featuring American rapper Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott. It was written by Tweet and Elliott and produced by Timbaland for Tweet's debut album, Southern Hummingbird (2002). Released as the album's lead single in February 2002, the song received heavy airplay from U.S. and UK radios, becoming a top ten hit in both countries. Remixes of the song feature rappers Bubba Sparxxx and Fabolous.

Usage examples of "oops".

He talked microbes and biofilms and bacterial communities even when they reached the protruding tongue of slick, black stones leading into the first cave, even during all the business of docking and handing her over the side and mentioning that she just might want to watch out for the algae that made the cave entrance so slippery and oops, I forgot to mention that little bump just inside.

Oops, forgot something, thin slices of yellow processed cheese, gag me with a spoon, full of chemicals and dye.

Oops, grepping other people's files is a no-no, forget I ever suggested it.

Oops, grepping other people's files is a no-no, forget I ever suggested it.