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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oop \Oop\ ([=oo]p), v. t. [Etymol. uncertain.] To bind with a thread or cord; to join; to unite. [Scot.]


adv. (eye dialect of up English) vb. (context Scotland English) To bind with a thread or cord; to join; to unite.


OOP, Oop, or oop may refer to:

Usage examples of "oop".

Not of course that there is any doubt that the poet called himself Cooper (of which his name is merely the older spelling): oup, owp spells oop in English: there are no aups (in Latin value): so stoup, group, soup and formerly also droup, stoup (verb), troup, coup(er), whouping-cough, loup, etc.

Or th’ whole thing’s boobytrapped an‘ th’ mad bomber had nae th‘ patience’t’ let us find his handiwork blind an‘ then blowin’t ourselves oop.

And he'd be back with friends again-with Alley Oop and Ghost, with Harlow Sharp and Allen Preston and all the rest of them.

Andolini, once dubbed Old Double-Ugly by the great sage and eminent junkie Henry Dean, had a bulging caveman's forehead and a jutting Alley Oop jaw to match.

Shaftoe has a wiry build, bulging Alley Oop forearms and hands, and blond hair in a buzz cut that makes his big blue eyes look bigger.

I said that since Anatole's friends were going to help us alpha test Oop!

When the horse drew alongside Anne's house, Spiggy cried: ``Ay oop!

Which he should’a kept oop, an’ shoutin‘ aboot how some clottin’ human dinnae hae jurisdiction here i‘ th’ cap’tal ae th‘ Bhor.

Even Sills, a little uncomplaining north countryman, said, 'It's goin' ter be beastly cold laike oop 'ere.