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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oon \Oon\ ([=o]n), a. One. [Obs.]


Oon or OON may refer to:

  • Oon Brothers, Malaysian badminton players
  • Oon Yung, North Korean diplomat
  • (OÖN), an Austrian newspaper

  • Önge language, a language of the Andaman Islands
  • Order of Orange Nassau
  • Officer of the Order of the Niger

Usage examples of "oon".

Paraventure ther may fallen oon or two Doun of his hors, and breke his nekke atwo.

O matir, sowded to virginitee, Now maystow syngen, folwynge evere in oon The white lamb celestial-quod she- Of which the grete Evaungelsit Seint John In Pathmos wroot, which seith that they that goon Biforn this lamb and synge a song al newe, That never, fleshly, wommen they ne knewe.

And whan that this was doon, thus spak that oon, "Now lat us sitte and drynke, and make us merie, And afterward we wol his body berie.

As help me God, I was a lusty oon, And faire, and riche, and yong, and wel bigon, And trewely, as myne housbondes tolde me, I hadde the beste quonyam myghte be.

Tho coome hir othere freendes many oon, And in the aleyes romeden up and doun, And no thyng wiste of this conclusioun, But sodeynly bigonne revel newe, Til that the brighte sonne loste his hewe, For thorisonte hath reft the sonne his lyght- This is as muche to seye as, ti was nyght- And hoom they goon in joye and in solas, Save oonly wrecche Aurelius, allas!

This dronke Millere hath ytoold us heer, How that bigyled was a Carpenteer, Peraventure in scorn, for I am oon.

Noght oonly of Saluces in the toun Publiced was the bountee of hir name, But eek biside in many a regioun, If oon seide wel, another seyde the same.

I meene of Marke, Mathew, Luc, and John, But doutelees hir sentence is al oon, Therfore, lordynges alle, I yow biseche If that yow thynke I varie as in my speche, As thus, though that I telle somwhat moore Of proverbes, than ye han herd bifoore, Comprehended in this litel tretys heere, To enforce with theffect of my mateere, And though I nat the same wordes seye As ye han herd, yet to yow alle I preye, Blameth me nat.

Yemen on foote and communes many oon, With shorte staves thikke as they may goon, Pypes, trompes, nakerers, clariounes, That in the bataille blowen blody sounes.

The statue of Mars upon a carte stood Armed, and looked grym as he were wood, And over his heed ther shynen two figures Of sterres, that been cleped in scriptures That oon Puella, that oother Rubeus.

The most frequent combinations of vowels in hiatus are ea, eo, ie, io, oa.

And eek his herte hadde compassioun Of wommen, for they wepen evere in oon.

Whan that the monthe in which the world bigan That highte March, whan God first maked man, Was compleet, and passed were also Syn March bigan, thritty dayes and two, Bifel that Chauntecleer in al his pryde, Hise sevene wyves walkynge by his syde, Caste up hise eyen to the brighte sonne, That in the signe of Taurus hadde yronne Twenty degrees and oon, and somwhat moore.

Anon thise martirs that I yow devyse, Oon Maximus, that was an officer Of the prefectes, and his corniculer, Hem hente, and whan he forth the seintes ladde, Hymself he weepe, for pitee that he hadde.

That oon of hem gan callen to his knave, "Go bet," quod he, "and axe redily What cors is this, that passeth heer forby, And looke, that thou reporte his name weel.