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n. (context South Africa English) An older man, especially an uncle. (Frequently as a respectful form of address.) (from 19th c.)


OOM or oom, a three-letter acronym, may refer to:

  • Out of Money, a notification message in SimCity, a city simulator game – seen on a residential building or buildings
  • Out of memory, a pathological state of computer operation
  • Out of Mana, term used in fantasy games
  • Object-Oriented Modeling, a modeling paradigm mainly used in computer programming
  • Order of magnitude, a measurement term
  • Order of Myths, an Alabama Mardi Gras organization
  • the post-nominal letters for Officer of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces
  • the ICAO code for Zoom Airlines
  • Oom (comics), villain of Spectre (comics)
  • Odyssey of the Mind, a creative problem-solving competition
  • OOM - used in affiliate marketing as Out Of Market traffic.

oom, as a word, may refer to:

  • the Dutch/Afrikaans word for "uncle", often applied to Paul Kruger, former president of the Transvaal Republic

Usage examples of "oom".

Zijn studententijd rees even, als een periode van jongensdartelheid, voor zijn geest, maar hij herinnerde zich tevens, hoe oom Verstraeten hem in die periode telkens had voortgedreven tot een examen, en van dat examen tot een ander examen.

He had found Oom Sam established as a sort of task-master and contractor, and had promptly dismissed him, with the result that the supply of Kru boys was instantly doubled.

In any case, my drum tells me this: That afternoon in the year 1899, while in South Africa Oom Kruger was brushing his bushy anti-British eyebrows, my mother Agnes, between Dirschau and Karthaus, not far from the Bissau brickworks, amid smoke, terrors, sighs, and saints' names, under four skirts of identical color, under the slanting rain and the smoke-filled eyes of two rural constables asking uninspired questions, was begotten by the short but stocky Joseph Koljaiczek.