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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
ooh la la
Ooh. Nice dress, Carol.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

exclamation of pain, surprise, wonder, etc., 1916. Combined with aah from 1953. Ooh-la-la, exclamation of surprise or appreciation, is attested 1924, from French and suggestive of the supposed raciness of the French.


alt. 1 An expression of surprise. 2 An expression of awe. 3 The sound made to imitate a ghost. 4 Used sometimes because of affection interj. 1 An expression of surprise. 2 An expression of awe. 3 The sound made to imitate a ghost. 4 Used sometimes because of affection vb. To go ''ooh''


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Usage examples of "ooh".

Stand around chanting, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh whenever the team wins, like those pathetic rejects on Arsenio Hall.

I stared up into his face, and whatever he saw there widened his eyes, made his lips part in a small ooh of surprise.

There was music of the standard Hindi combination: choruses of girls oohing and aahing to the clamor of guitars, tablas, violins and vinas.

A Space Odyssey, she oohs and aahs, then the camera records his blowjob at considerably more length and with considerably more interest to the tune of music from an airport bar.

As others aboard oohed and aahed, the device rose on a pillar of blue fire and vanished back into the belly of the famous I artifact, which rose solemnly into the equatorial sky and moved off northward in search of other violators.

He remembered last year when he lay on his back, oohing and aahing as each new color burst, filling the sky with snow glitters that burned out before they touched the ground.

She got down to that fast, talking on the phone, sending faxes, and leaving Rydell to ooh and ah at the views from the mollies.

Queen Lallazay, obviously enchanted, clapped her hands, and the courtiers oohed in delight.

The spectators oohed and aahed, exclaiming over each near throw and escape.

The crowd parted, oohed and ahhed, as giant Blinddrum stepped forth with only a long steel sword in his hand.

She latched on to details, oohing over the nursery, glaring at her for saying Adam's name too many times, ahhing over their time together in Uster, sighing over the wedding that should have been.

Japanese with their cameras, robust French and Italian climbers, flushed faces, coiled ropes, children alive with oohs and ahhs, noses pressed against the fogged glass of the vehicle.

When the oohs and awws were finished, the mother went home with her child to rest, and the father whooped it up with the guests.

He had accused me of resenting the fact that people had stopped oohing and aahing over the change in me.

She ran a washcloth along his chest and around his neck, then positioned her hand under the cloth and pretended it was a dog - not that he knew what a dog was, despite the endless hours she'd spent pointing at picture books or oohing and aahing over the real thing in the park.