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Oofotr (established 1993 in Narvik, Norway) is a Norwegian music group consisting of Jazz musicians from Narvik. They arrange traditional music from Ofoten, and had their debut in Kjeldebotn Church, 1994, then with music contributions from local historian Magnus Pettersen from Ballangen. After a series of performances on the north Norwegian music and album, belonged new material from Tromsø Museum and a second album in 2001.

The events are characterized by a mixture of ethno, ambient and world music, and is partly inspired by Sandbakk's engagement with the Trondheim choir Chorus as in 1981 - 82 had recordings of Ballangen music. «Oofot» was first used for the geographical area Ofoten, in Aslak Bolt's land register.

Oofotr (album)

Oofotr (released 1995 by Norske Gram - Ekgcd 11) is a Norwegian studioalbum by the band Oofotr performing traditional music from Ofoten with a jazz influence.