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OOB may refer to:

  • Oob, a fictional character in Dragon Ball
  • off our backs, an American radical feminist periodical published from 1970–2008
  • On Our Backs, an American lesbian pornographic magazine
  • Old Orchard Beach, Maine, a town in the United States
  • Order of battle, a listing of military units, often with equipment, location, and other relevant information
  • Out-of-bag error, a method of estimating the error in a machine learned model
  • Out-of-band..., Out-of-band (data) communications which occur outside of a previously established communications channel
  • Out-of-band management in computing, involves the use of a dedicated management channel for device maintenance
  • Out-of-battery, a failure mode of semiautomatic firearms
  • Out of bounds, the condition of a player passing outside the boundary of a sport field
  • ÖoB, a Swedish discount chain