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ONT may refer to:

  • Ontario International Airport (IATA code ONT), in Ontario, California, United States
  • Ontario (Ont.), traditional abbreviation for the Canadian province of Ontario; although ON is the proper postal abbreviation
  • Optical Network Terminal, an interface between a company's fiber optic network and premises wiring
  • Ontario Northland Railway, a Canadian railroad
  • Ordo Novi Templi, Order of the New Templars, an occult anti-semitic society founded 1907 by Lanz von Liebenfels
  • Ontario Network Television, the main predecessor of the now-defunct Baton Broadcast System (Canada)
  • Obshchenatsional'noe Televidenie, a Belarusian national television station
  • ortho-nitrotoluene, a type of mononitrotoluene, a nitro compound derivate of toluene
  • Organización Nacional de Transplantes (Spanish Transplant Organization), which manages human organ and tissue transplants in Spain