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Ongha is a village named after a very respected bird in the northern part of Namibia. Its people started settling in 1940 and its first headman was named Naghonda. His name is borne by oshiwambo Ongha yaNaghonda. Ongha is in a suburban area of the northern part of Namibia. Its local language is Oshikwanyama. It is situated around 725 kilometers to the north of Windhoek. It is the third 6th main town of the Ohangwena Region.

There is a secondary school named after it (Ongha Secondary School), where most of the village kids and even kids from surrounding towns, villages and regions attend. In 1993 a clinic was built which in about five years it will be turned into a hospital. The Ongha Educational Sect is also under construction. Ongha is at a crossroads that connects all the surrounding towns like Ondangwa, Eenhana, Ohangwena, Oshikango and Olunho.

People here survive by growing crops like millet (omahangu), beans, collecting fruits like basis (eembe) and living on animal meat like goats and cows. Some prepare traditional food and sell this, generating much profit.

A well-known church is also found in this town, the Ongha Roman Catholic mission, which teaches bible studies to all interested members of the community. It also has a pre-primary school for children and has a feeding scheme.

Ongha Senior Secondary School received top honours at the annual Old Mutual Far North Championship finals at the Oshakati Independence Stadium on 20 September 2009.