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Pallol One-Eye nodded, he who had seen 600 winters upon his own far world and more than a thousand orbits of the nearly seasonless Pliocene Earth.

But Trevithick, pointing with his left hand, counted four bodies, and one of his brakemen added, "Pat Bailey and One-eye Jim is dead but we can't find 'em nowheres.

The one-eyes, not detecting anyone inside, had closed the doors and shorted the switches to keep everyone out.

One-eye clutched the child closer to his chest, not roughly, and the child scrabbled at his fur, seeking to cling on.

Rollins Collimation will allow the phasers to destroy the one-eyes without the explosions.

One-Eye, what say we build a watchtower on top of one of the enfilading towers?

It scuttled down to the floor, skipped over to me, grinned up with a One-Eye black face wearing no eye-patch, then zipped toward Goblin.

Above them, mammoth battlefield one-eyes flew in precise holding patterns.

He tossed a five onto the six One-Eye had dumped on my run and flipped his draw into the discard pile.

At that point several came to collect empty plates, forestalling One-Eye from poormouthing about how he was so grossly overworked.

Only a victory by Aiken over the ogrish Firvulag general, Pallol One-Eye, could save the day for the Tanu.

Here was One-Eye, a storyteller who held his little audience rapt with a performance delivered in snaps, grunts, eye rolling and subtle body movements.

The orc shaman ended her proclamation by throwing up her arms and howling, and those many other mouths of Gruumsh One-Eye, god of orcs, followed her lead, similarly shrieking, raising their arms, and turning circles as they paced a wider circuit around the orc king and the ruined wooden statue of their beloved god.

One-Eye was uninclined to stop and clean him up so I did the honors while the vehicle creaked and bounced and tossed me around.