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Onan is a minor biblical person in the Book of Genesis chapter 38, who was the second son of Judah. Like his older brother, Er, Onan was killed by Yahweh. Onan's death was retribution for being "evil in the sight of the Lord" through being unwilling to father a child by his widowed sister-in-law.

Onan (disambiguation)

Onan is a person in the Biblical Book of Genesis.

Onan may also refer to:

Onan (film)

Onan (English literal translation: Chameleon) is a 2009 action thriller film. It is the debut film of writer/director Shyam Madhavan Sarada.

The Tamil/ English guerrilla film was shot in the Indian cities of Chennai and Kochi with a mainly amateur cast. (Incomplete)

Usage examples of "onan".

We follow Onan because he is real, because the past has existed, and it is certain that it will continue to exist, and because that existence dictates the operation of the present.

I am Onan, the Lord of the Past, and these are the Chambers of History.

I do not understand how you seem to imply that I am your ancestor, while Onan seemed to mean the opposite, that you are my ancestors.

As I laid there with thoughts of Onan and the decision that I was to make, and of all the responsibility that was put upon me involuntarily, as I thought of the conflict of past and future at the neglect of the present, as I thought about the self-obsession and over-indulgence that come with wealth, and the desire for still more that accompanies it, I fell to sleep and into a place where no troubles lay, for my long day and night had left in me no energy for dreams.

Temis, the God of Time, Jehu, for Onan and Zimri are his children who do his work for him, but they only have the powers that he gave them.

You led me to believe that Onan was the one who sent me, and by his own power.

I rounded the top of the hill that was directly east of my landing point, I suddenly came face to face with two small people, gnomes by appearance, one of whom I recognized as being Onan, the Lord of the Past.

I was brought back to two separate times, the first being my initial meeting with Onan, when I saw the muraled dome, the genetics of history, and its depiction of the events which were symbolically representative of Daem: the deformed man, the warring races, the worshipers of the White Eagle.

I thought back to what Onan had said to me just a few moments before, that he and Zimri were close friends, and not enemies at all, while those on earth believed their rivalry was a serious conflict.

As they drew near, I saw them to be Onan and Zimri, the Lords of Past and Future.

He went on soberly, saying: The prophecy is concerning the kinsman redeemer, one of the ancients sent by Onan, the Lord of the Past, to redeem us from the destruction of this polluted world.

The past, in the guise of history, is the key to the future, we believe, and we hold strictly to the worship of Onan, the Lord of the Past, at this my attention was perked.

It goes back to Onan and Zimri, you see, for we ourselves cannot do such things, but the gods whom we follow can.

Hello, Onan, it is pleasure to meet you, I said, advancing with a proffered hand extended towards him, which I realized belatedly made me appear oafish, but he took it good naturedly, and with his pleasantness eliminated my unease at shaking the hand of one half my size.

The understanding of life begins with the understanding of physical existence, Onan said, And by physical existence I mean the quality of being materially animated.