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on point

a. 1 (context chiefly US legal philosophy English) Having a direct application to the case or topic under consideration. 2 (context chiefly military English) Having taken point; responsible for leading an operation; more generally, deployed and alert#Adjective.

On Point

On Point is a two-hour call-in radio show hosted by Tom Ashbrook, a former The Boston Globe foreign editor and reporter, author and Internet entrepreneur. It is produced by WBUR in Boston and syndicated by National Public Radio. The show addresses news issues, as well as arts and culture, health, technology, environmental, and business topics.

It is distributed to over 290 public radio stations across the United States by NPR Major markets include New York City and Washington, D.C., as well as Ann Arbor/ Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, Miami, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, St. Louis, Missouri, Des Moines, Iowa, Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Hartford, Connecticut, Providence, Rhode Island, Tampa, Florida, Spokane, Washington, Eugene, Oregon, and parts of California. On Point averages more than 2 million podcast downloads a month.

Usage examples of "on point".

Then as she turned towards the lighthouse on Point Lonsdale and the entrance to Port Philip Bay she saw the low grey shape appear, barely five miles away and heading southwards from the Heads.

We buried him on Point Venus, close to where Captain Cook had set up his observatory twenty years before.

It was a good, defensible two-person formation, with master on point.

Like the pegasus, he had a great deal of control over his center of gravity and moved with the grace and ease of a ballet dancer always on point.

As to the array, the main of the folk that were spearmen and billmen but moved forward somewhat from where they had dined to the hanging of the bent, so that their foemen would have the hill against them or ever they came on point and edge.