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The Collaborative International Dictionary
On deposit

Deposit \De*pos"it\, n. [L. depositum, fr. depositus, p. p. of deponere: cf. F. d['e]p[^o]t, OF. depost. See Deposit, v. t., and cf. Depot.]

  1. That which is deposited, or laid or thrown down; as, a deposit in a flue; especially, matter precipitated from a solution (as the siliceous deposits of hot springs), or that which is mechanically deposited (as the mud, gravel, etc., deposits of a river).

    The deposit already formed affording to the succeeding portion of the charged fluid a basis.

  2. (Mining) A natural occurrence of a useful mineral under the conditions to invite exploitation.

  3. That which is placed anywhere, or in any one's hands, for safe keeping; something intrusted to the care of another; esp., money lodged with a bank or banker, subject to order; anything given as pledge or security.

  4. (Law)

    1. A bailment of money or goods to be kept gratuitously for the bailor.

    2. Money lodged with a party as earnest or security for the performance of a duty assumed by the person depositing.

  5. A place of deposit; a depository. [R.]

    Bank of deposit. See under Bank.

    In deposit, or On deposit, in trust or safe keeping as a deposit; as, coins were received on deposit.

Usage examples of "on deposit".

My husband and I wish to leave cells on deposit for three zygotes, to be gestated at a later time.

Such is the case in Paris and in other cities, not alone with prominent merchants, but likewise with notaries and lawyers, with whom funds are on deposit and who manage estates.

He put the money to their credit in the bank where they already had a substantial sum on deposit in the form of rewards paid them for their work in solving other mysteries.

Hazel and Maureen (the darling older lady who had comforted me) between them managed to convince me that hospital and surgery charges need not fret me because Hazel had plenty of the needful on deposit in a local bank-which Teena confirmed-and Hazel could and would cover my bills if it became appropriate to change the charge under which I was hospitalized.

I immediately placed all the money I had collected on deposit in the Bow Building Society at 102 Cheapside for a period of one year at a rate of four percent.

It was from a firm which habitually kept hundreds of thousands on deposit at the Gorham Bank.

To make assurance doubly sure and to secure immediate possession of Rice's securities a general assignment to Patrick of all Rice's estate was forged, and an order giving him access to and possession of the securities on deposit in Rice's safety vault.

He might have banked it on deposit with a foreign bank, but knowing he was going to die, this does notmake sense.

Remaining on deposit in the Gemeinschaft Bank were 3,215 Swiss francs, a not inconsequential sum by any standard.