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OMV (formerly "Österreichische Mineralölverwaltung", ÖMV), is an international, integrated oil and gas company, headquartered in Vienna. It is active in the upstream (Exploration and Production) and downstream businesses (Refining and Marketing as well as Gas and Power). With group sales of EUR 23 bn, a global workforce of 24,124 and a market capitalisation of EUR 9 bn (end of 2015), OMV is one of the largest listed industrial companies in Austria.

OMV (disambiguation)

OMV may stand for:

  • OMV, an oil-producing, refining and gas station operating company in Austria
  • Oblati di Maria Vergine (Oblates of the Virgin Mary), a religious order of the Catholic Church
  • Omotic languages (ISO 639-5 language code)
  • OpenMediaVault, a free network-attached storage server
  • Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle, defunct NASA space tug design