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Omsk is a city and the administrative center of Omsk Oblast, Russia, located in southwestern Siberia from Moscow. With a population of 1,154,116, it is Russia's second-largest city east of the Ural Mountains after Novosibirsk, and seventh by size nationally.

During the Imperial era, Omsk was the seat of the Governor General of Western Siberia, and later of the Governor General of the Steppes. For a brief period during the Russian Civil War in 1918–1920, it served as the capital of the anti-Bolshevik Russian State and held the imperial gold reserves.

Omsk is the administrative center of the Siberian Cossack Host. It also serves as the see of the bishop of Omsk and Tara, as well as the administrative seat of the Imam of Siberia.

Usage examples of "omsk".

Dostoevsky wrote to one of these Decembrist wives, Natalia Fonvizina, with the first clear statement of the new faith he had found from his revelation in the prison camp at Omsk.

If Razum had concealed his divisions anywhere in their path, or perhaps withdrawn them beyond Sverdlovsk, to lure Mogushestvo into a trap, well, he would detect them in time and order a withdrawal to Omsk.

In buying him at Omsk he had been lucky, and in taking him to the postmaster the generous mujik had rendered him a great service.

On issuing from the Ural, it passes through Ekaterenburg, Kasirnov, Tioumen, Ishim, Omsk, Elamsk, Kolyvan, TOmsk, Krasnoiarsk, Nijni-Udinsk, Irkutsk, Verkne-Nertschink, Strelink, Albazine, Blagowstenks, Radde, OrlOmskaya, Alexandrowskoe, and Nikolaevsk.

He had sent in his papers to the recruiting office, the gymnasium had found a substitute teacher, and he had been notified that he was admitted to the military school at Omsk.

The solace that he had derived from locking little Vladimir in the room at Omsk had now dissipated, although it still made him smile to think about it.