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Omor in Ayamelum local government area of Anambra state in Nigeria, is on the shores of the Omambala River. It is thought to be geographically the largest town in Anambra closely followed by Agulu. It also has a large population and is made up of the villages of Akanator, Aturia, Amikwe and Orenja.

There have been communal clashes between Omor and Igbakwu locals over land on the border of both towns. It has good vegetation, fertile lands for production of food crops such as rice, maize, yam, cassava and assorted fruits.

The Nigerian Federal Government started the rehabilitation of the Lower Anambra River Irrigation Rice Farm project at Omor, which has resuscitated the growing of rice in that part of the State. 40 hectares of Fadama land have been cultivated with rice in Omor under the collaborative arrangement between the state government and farmers under the auspices of the state Rice Farmers Co-operative Union Limited. In addition a new rice mill complex with units for parboling, milling, destoning, and bagging capacity sufficient to produce over 10,000 metric tonnes of high quality rice annually is enhancing production of the staple food for local consumption and export.