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Omiš (, Latin and ) is a town and port in the Dalmatia region of Croatia, and is a municipality in the Split-Dalmatia County. The town is situated approximately south-east of Croatia's second largest city, Split. Its location is where the emerald-green Cetina River meets the Adriatic Sea . Omiš municipality has a population of 14,936 and its area is .

Usage examples of "omis".

After much work and two false starts, they managed to disenchant the tools to the point where Omis dared to start up his forge.

It creaked alarmingly as Arizun, then Sulun, and finally Omis climbed up it.

Sulun hit one across the face with the whip, Omis backhanded another with his axe, and a third fell to the now panicky mules.

Sulun and Omis were dancing a clumsy version of the Vulgar Hop-Step around a workroom full of warm fog to the tune of the whining, spinning engine.

Sure enough, there stood Omis, smiling as if at his own children, studying the juncture of the two neatly meshed gears.

Entori had begun to relax, order wine, and enjoy the voyage, Sulun thought he and Omis should spend some time watching the operation of the engine.

With that, Omis picked up the little forge, straining a bit, and carried it all the way into the stable courtyard.

When the sand level reached the top of the mold, Omis called for the water.

Vari already had the other children in tow, with Omis hurrying at their heels, and the other servants pattered after them.

Nonetheless, Omis cradled it in his arms, beaming, as if it were one of his own children.

Zeren, Omis, and Sulun stepped from shade to shadow, into a dim bare corridor scarcely wider than the door, smelling faintly of dust and mold.

Ashkell villa, Omis and Arizun rode ahead with Doshi and their guide, while Sulun conferred with the others in the wagon.

The string, Sulun noted, was some of the heavier thread that Vari had squirreled away moons ago, and the hook was one of the lot Omis had cast from brass scraps a few days before.

He looked about for some bait, and Omis obligingly handed him a fat caterpillar from a small basketful.

Zeren remarked on the phenomenon of shifting command as he, Sulun, and Omis sat huddled around the firepot warming their hands and some herbal tea.