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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Internet chat abbreviation of oh my God, by 1994. (Earlier in computerese it meant Object Management Group, 1989, a consortium which helped pave the way for the modern Internet.)


init. 1 (context chiefly Internet slang English) oh my God. 2 (context chiefly Internet slang English) oh my gosh. 3 (context slang feminism English) oh my Goddess. 4 (context chiefly Internet slang English) oh my goodness.


OMG may refer to:

OMG (gene)

Oligodendrocyte-myelin glycoprotein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the OMG gene.

OMG (Oh, My Girl!)

OMG (Oh, My Girl!) is a romantic comedy film produced by Philippines' Regal Entertainment and directed by Ploning helmer Dante Nico Garcia. The film is about friendship and love in the entertainment industry.

Judy Ann Santos stars as the famous actress named Darling, who was known in her childhood days as Opao. Ogie Alcasid plays Biboy, Darling's long-lost childhood friend who disguised as her aunt in order to meet her again.

Many of Santos' and Alcasid's friends in showbusiness are expected to appear in cameo roles, most notably Regine Velasquez (who conceptualized the film's story) and Sharon Cuneta (in her first appearance in a Regal movie).

OMG (song)
For other songs titled OMG, see OMG

"OMG" is a song by American recording artist Usher and American rapper, who also wrote and produced the song. It uses the auto-tune effect in several lines, as well as Jock Jams-esque sports arena chanting. It was released on March 22, 2010 as the first worldwide single off his sixth studio album, Raymond v. Raymond, and the fourth single overall, following the three US singles " Papers", " Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)", and " Lil Freak". The song was met with a mixed reception from critics, who criticized the use of auto-tune, but commended the song's dance and club vibe. The song marks the second time that Usher has collaborated with, following the single " What's Your Name", from his previous album Here I Stand (2008).

"OMG" topped the charts in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The song became his ninth number-one hit in the United States, making him the first 2010s artist to collect number-one singles in three consecutive decades. He became only the fourth artist of all-time to achieve that feat. Usher also became the third artist to have at least one number-one song from five consecutive studio albums. The song's choreography and dance-heavy accompanying music video has been compared by critics to that of " Yeah!". Usher performed the song live several times including on the ninth season of American Idol with He also performed the song as a part of a medley during his critically acclaimed performance at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. "OMG", was named the fifth best selling song of 2010 in the US, selling 3.8 million units. The song sold 6.9 million copies worldwide during that year.

OMG (album)

O.M.G.! is the debut album of British dubstep musician Rusko. It was released 3 May 2010 in the UK and 4 May in the US. The album contains the singles "Woo Boost" and "Hold On".

The song "Woo Boost" was featured on the soundtrack of the commercially successful 2011 video game Saints Row: The Third.

OMG (group)

OMG ( initialism of "Officially Miss Guided ") is an American teenage girl group, initially known as The OMG Girlz. Their name is play on words; it represents being young ladies "Miss" that are "Guided" in positive ways. Formed in 2009, by Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, the Atlanta-based girl group performed publicly for the first time on an episode of BET's Tiny and Toya reality television series. They also have made appearances on the 2012 series T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle. Their mission was to inspire throughout the world and let them know they could stand together as friends, teens, and young women. In 2015, the girls announced that they would no longer pursue a career as a trio.

OMG (eSports)

OMG (short for Oh My God) is a Chinese esports organization. Their League of Legends division was formed in May 2012. The team appeared in the League of Legends World Championship in 2013 and 2014.