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OMF may refer to:

  • Object Module Format, an object-file format of the VME operating system or of the IBM personal computer
  • Relocatable Object Module Format, an object-file format used primarily on Intel 80x86 microprocessors or Apple IIGS
  • Offshoring Management Framework
  • Ohmefentanyl, a potent piperidine narcotic
  • One Must Fall, a fighting computer-game
  • Open Media Framework, a file format for the transfer of digital media in software
  • Open Source Metadata Framework, a Document Type Definition for describing document metadata
  • Opposing Military Force
  • Oracle-managed files, a feature controlling datafiles in Oracle databases
  • Ostmecklenburgische Flugzeugbau, a former (1998–2003) manufacturer of light aircraft
  • OMF International, formerly Overseas Missionary Fellowship, a Christian missionary-society
  • Options Market France a regulated stock index futures and options market with integrated clearing