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OMB may stand for:

  • Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch, formerly Ocean Modeling Branch, a U.S. weather and environment agency
  • Office of Management and Budget, a group that oversees the activities of federal agencies in the United States
  • Olympiade Mathématique Belge, the Belgian Mathematical Olympiad, a mathematical competition
  • OMB, a graphic design studio founded by Oscar Mariné Brandi
  • Ontario Municipal Board, a tribunal involved in municipal and planning matters in the province of Ontario, Canada
  • OpenMicroBlogging, the standard that allows for micro-blogging services to interoperate
  • Oregon Marching Band, the marching band for the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon
  • Oregon Medical Board, governs the practice of medicine in Oregon
  • omb, ISO code for the East Ambae language of Vanuatu

Usage examples of "omb".

OMB with ensuring that sufficient funds to support this program were found in U.